On a Far Away Beach

Its a fairly common for film-makers to have come from a visual communication background. After all film-makers are trying to do similar thing to Graphic Designers….. Communicate.
Film makers are trying to communicate to there audience a story via Images, language and story telling.
Graphic Designers are trying to communicate to there audience a message via Images and language, Visual Communication.
The two share very similar processes.

Are you a film-maker? A storyteller?

This project will span four weeks with the aim of introducing you to narrative storytelling. There will be a series of exercises and weekly briefs. At the end of the two weeks I want you all to respond by producing work using narrative. You should document your progress in your learning journal.

Creative Narratives using Design Thinking

The Infinite Canvas -
Scott McCloud the cartoonist explains the term and introduces the idea in his comic: The Right Number

Fighting Fantasy books -
Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone are veterans of the games industry having founded Games Workshop and co-created the world's most popular gamebook series.

Choose your own adventure -
Hurts and Manchester novelist Joe Stretch have created a wonderfully unique experience on Spotify in which you get to play the protagonist. Narrated by actress Anna Friel, ‘Don’t Let Go’ is an interactive audio novel which utilises Spotify in a completely new and unexpected way.

Site-specific theatre, Promenade theatre, Interactive theatre or Immerse theatre -
The Drowned Man by Punchdrunk is set within the fictional "Temple Pictures", The Drowned Man was Punchdrunk's largest theatre installation, covering 200,000 sq ft., catering for up to 600 audience members per show with a cast of nearly 40. The audience members, who are free to roam around the sets at will, wear white masks to distinguish themselves from the cast, and the narrative is communicated through a series of overlapping scenes blending the mediums of interpretive dance, contemporary dance and traditional acting.

Relive The Drowned Man web game - We invite you to explore once more and to remember the studios, the legacy of which lives on in this digital form.
Advert for The Drowned Man

"This was one of the most amazing nights and experiences of my life. It's why I live in London, why I love London. It allows more people to experience things like this, which I am sure makes the world a happier and certainly more inspired place."*

Duration - Timetable

  • wk1 Briefing / workshop
    Editing images & creating narrative.
    Watch Lord Of the Flies (1963) Directed by Peter Brook Written by William Golding
    Storyboard exercises.

  • wk2 - Demonstrations / workshop
    Maybe this project has stirred some interest in Story-telling. Use this as the catalyst to go and create a piece of work which explores Narrative. Could Narrative play a part in your practice for the future? After seeing the examples and by doing your own research now the brief is is Create you own experimental narrative

  • wk3 DETOUR AHEAD lecture series

  • wk4 Disscussion and critique You will present your work in progress

Watch the examples (in the Left column)

  • Apple's MacPro introduction website - See how they use narrative
  • Honda's 'The Other Side' short film
  • Syfy Channel's advert for 'Return to OZ'

Final deadlline - To be handed in along with the end of year submission
You will also ALL need to display this work in the Showcase on the 16th - 20th April.

Learning Outcomes

  • Research and identify appropriate career paths for employability and /or entrepreneurship
  • Analyse and develop own skillsets and competencies for working in the creative industries
  • Engage in and reflect on the collective development of projects through negotiation with peers

Assessment and weighting

  • 25% of your mark will be for your Learning Journal It must demonstrate investment of 78 practice hours.
  • 75% of your mark will be for your portfolio and supporting work It must demonstrate investment of 237 practice hours.


Image Credits:
Still frame from Incoming, 2015–2016. Three screen video installation by Richard Mosse in collaboration with Trevor Tweeten and Ben Frost. Courtesy of the artist, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, and carlier | gebauer, Berlin.